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The Audi Range

The new Audi model range encompasses the largest selection of models available to date, with even more model upgrades and model launches still to come. The Audi range brings you innovative design, advanced engine technology and class leading ownership costs. With everything from compact, city cars to supreme off-road and hybrid technology vehicles, explore the range today.


A1 Sportback

From £16,185

"Modern. Striking. Sporty. Now fused with even greater practicality and comfort."


From £21,665

"The German brand's first ever compact SUV."

A3 Sportback

From £21,810

"The A3 Sportback harmonises practicality and sporty appeal."

A3 Saloon

From £23,530

"The A3 Saloon is a compact car with a generous 425 litres of boot space."

S1 Sportback

From £27,760

"The ultimate everyday sports car with optimum comfort."

A4 Saloon

From £27,815

"Discover the technology that makes the A4 the most advanced car in its class."


From £27,915

"Distinctive design and advanced technology combined in a small SUV."

TT Coupé

From £28,855

"The third generation of the iconic TT Coupe, Audi has host of new ideas."

A4 Avant

From £29,255

"A dynamic drive combined with an impressive amount of boot space."

A3 Cabriolet

From £29,685

"Experience open top motoring like never before with the sporty, stylish and innovative A3 Cabriolet."

TT Roadster

From £30,605

"Balance and athleticism in a thoroughbred open-top sports car."

All-new A5 Sportback

From £31,945

"At our most beautiful"

A6 Saloon

From £33,165

"The Audi A6 Saloon combines supreme luxury with cutting edge technology."

All-new A5 Coupé

From £33,845

"Sharp, strong and legendary"

A6 Avant

From £35,305

"With 1,680 litres of luggage space, the Audi A6 Avant combines practicality with supreme luxury."

S3 Sportback

From £35,805

"The S3 Sportback offers performance and space."

A3 Sportback e-tron

From £36,465

"Stunning performance from this practical plug-in hybrid."

All-new A5 Cabriolet

From £38,085

"An exhilarating roof-down experience can be enjoyed in the A5 Cabriolet."

S3 Saloon

From £38,110

"The S3 Saloon features a 2.0 TFSI quattro engine with 310PS of power."

A4 allroad quattro

From £38,415

"Striking. Rugged. Expressive."

All-new Q5

From £39,075

"Redesigned. Re-engineered. Revealed."

TTS Coupé

From £41,205

"The third generation of the iconic TTS Coupe, Audi has host of new ideas."

S3 Cabriolet

From £42,095

"Experience the S3 Cabriolet, the successor to the stylish and innovative A3 Cabriolet."

TTS Roadster

From £43,270

"Open-top motoring with dynamic driving pleasure."

RS 3 Sportback

From £44,755

"The latest Audi RS model and the ultimate incarnation of the A3 - the RS 3 Sportback."

RS 3 Saloon

From £45,705

"An executive Saloon with a high-powered twist."

S4 Saloon

From £46,080

"Improved dynamics promised. All-new S4 Saloon. Coming soon."

S4 Avant

From £47,480

"Beautiful design, exceptional performance"

A6 allroad quattro

From £48,110

"The quintessential touring car with supreme off-road capabilities."

All-new S5 Coupé

From £48,880

"Powerful looks meet high performance"

All-new S5 Sportback

From £48,880

"Sharper, stronger, more focused"


From £51,425

"Technology, luxury with comfort and versatility in one dynamic package."


From £51,955

"Our best-selling SUV, but turned up to 11"

New A7 Sportback

From £52,240

" Luxurious by design, meet the new A7 Sportback"

TT RS Coupé

From £52,480

"The iconic TT, with RS credentials. Arriving late 2016."

TT RS Roadster

From £54,230

"Blistering performance and RS styling. Arriving late 2016."

S6 Saloon

From £58,605

"The Audi S6 Saloon is a sports car for everyday use, offering uncompromising practicality."

S6 Avant

From £60,705

"With 1,680 litres of luggage space the Audi S6 Avant combines ultimate practicality with sporty performance."

RS 4 Avant

From £62,215

"Sleeker, wider, smarter. The next generation Audi RS 4 Avant has arrived."

RS 5 Coupé

From £63,615

"Sharper, wider, tauter. A new era in RS design is born."


From £65,040

"Luxury SUV with Matrix LED headlights, MMI Navigation and Parking System Plus."

Q7 e-tron

From £67,575

"Our newest plug-in electric vehicle."

The new A8

From £69,415

" Less is more, more features, less clutter."

The new A8L

From £73,410

"The long-wheel base A8 L grows upon the luxury of the A8 range."


From £74,385

"The all-new Audi SQ7. Beautiful. Powerful. Innovative."

R8 Coupé

From £112,520

"Inspired by the most successful Le Mans racing car of all time."

R8 Spyder

From £121,210

"The ultimate open-top Audi experience."