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Meet the Audi Q6 e-tron

If you want to register your interest or be the first to order the Audi Q6 e-tron, click here or call us on 01202 983 791 and a member of our dedicated sales team will be more than happy to assist you.  

Audi has unveiled its highly anticipated Q6 e-tron, the first production model built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE).

The new fully electric SUV offers impressive driving and charging performance combined with increased efficiency and an impressive range of over 380 miles. It also features the brand’s new interior design philosophy, pioneering technologies, and is the first fully electric vehicle to be built at the brand’s Ingolstadt plant – the home of Audi.

This exciting new model follows our Audi GRID product strategy for styling and technology accessibility throughout its three-tiered line-up.

The entry trim level will be Sport, as expected from a B-segment model. The mid-specced S line will benefit from further styling upgrades and Edition 1 will sit at the top of the range, showcasing many of the fantastic new technologies and all of the fantastic black styling elements of a Black Edition.

Both the Q6 e-tron quattro and SQ6 e-tron open for ordering in April with the first customer deliveries from August.

Impressive range and charging performance.

The new Audi Q6 e-tron quattro, with a system output of 285 kW, and the SQ6 e-tron, with an output of 360kW (and a maximum output of 380kW when launch control is activated), set new standards in performance, range, charging, driving dynamics, and design.

Powerful, compact, and scalable electric motors, as well as a newly developed lithium-ion battery ensure a range of up to 381 miles on the quattro and 358 miles on the SQ6 (Official WLTP Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure).

The Q6 e-tron quattro accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 5.9 seconds, while the SQ6 e-tron takes just 4.4 seconds (or 4.3 seconds when launch control is activated) to reach the same speed. Both models emit zero g/km of CO2 and have a top speed of 130 mph and 142 mph respectively.

Thanks to 800-volt technology and a maximum charging capacity of 270 kW as standard, short charging stops are possible. Up to 158 miles on the quattro powertrain can be recharged in just ten minutes at an appropriate charging station (High Power Charging, HPC). The state-of charge (SoC) increases from 10 to 80 percent in around 21 minutes on the quattro powertrain.

Equipped with Plug & Charge, the vehicle authorizes itself at compatible charging stations when the charging cable is plugged in and commences the charging process. Charging is also fully automatic.

If a charging station works with 400-volt technology, the Audi Q6 e-tron can, for the first time, enable bank charging. The 800-volt battery is automatically divided into two batteries at equal voltage, which can then be charged in parallel with up to 150 kW. Depending on the state of charge, both halves of the battery are first equalized and then charged simultaneously.

Audi SUV design: the exterior

The Audi Q6 e-tron is positioned in the premium midsize segment and, with a length of 4,771 millimetres (15.6 ft), a width of 2,193 millimetres (7.2 ft) including mirrors and a height of 1,702 millimetres (5.7 ft), the

 offers maximum space, comfort and suitability for everyday use.

The long wheelbase of 2,899 millimetres (9.5 ft) allows plenty of legroom in the second row of seats, also thanks to the new PPE. With these dimensions, the model offers sufficient space for five passengers and luggage, making it the perfect practical and spacious companion. 

The upright front features our signature e-tron design language with aninverted Singleframe grille and a mask in selenite silver or gloss black. The high-positioned digital daytime running lights give the Q6 e-tron a very distinctive and independent appearance. Another e-tron design element featuring on Q6 e-tron is the black door inlays, sitting in the rockers and drawing the eye to the heart of Q6 e-tron – the battery. 

The opening between the D-pillar and the roof gives the vehicle a more dynamic appearance and makes the cabin appear longer. A prominent line running from the rear lights to the rear doors emphasizes the upper section of the ‘quattro blisters’ - the contours of the body on which the gently sloping D-pillars are supported.

The dynamically tightened rear creates a mixture of sporty elegance and athletic power. The clean and broad rear architecture with its continuous light strip lends the Q6 e-tron quattro the reassuring look and feel you expect of an Audi.

World first in lighting technology

With the Q6 e-tron, Audi is not only starting a new chapter in electric mobility but also in an important part of Audi's DNA: lighting technology. With the world's first active digital light signature on Edition 1 and S Edition 1, the electric SUV is ushering in a new era characterized by design and aesthetics that are unique to Audi.

The technology, which is making its debut in the Audi Q6 e-tron, also sets new standards in terms of individualization: with up to eight digital light signatures in the redesigned daytime running lights of the Matrix LED headlights on Edition 1 and S Edition 1, owners can individualize their Q6 e-tron in a completely new way.

LED headlights plus and LED rear lights pro feature as standard from the Sport trim. This includes digital daytime running lights, dynamic coming and leaving home function, illuminated rear light strip and dynamic rear indicators.

The second-generation digital OLED rear lights on S Edition 1 can generate a new image every ten milliseconds via its six panels and 360 segments. Thanks to the perfect symbiosis between the lighting design and the new technology, the light in the new Audi SQ6 e-tron appears livelier and more intelligent than ever before. The active digital light signature also points the way to the future of Audi lighting technology.

With the second generation of digital OLED rear lights, the Audi SQ6 e-tron takes lighting design, functionality and therefore road safety to a new level. It not only shapes the appearance but also increases the range of functions. For the first time, the digital OLED rear lights can communicate with the immediate surroundings in a targeted manner (Car-to-X).

Audi has also taken the safety functions to a new level. The proximity detection system already familiar from other Audi models has been extended in the new SQ6 e-tron to include the communication light. It warns other road users in advance of accidents and breakdowns. In addition to the regular taillight graphics, the communication light displays a specific static taillight signature with integrated warning symbols in the digital OLED combination rear light in critical driving or traffic situations.

A new design philosophy: the interior

The three-dimensional and high-contrast design of the interior of the Q6 e-tron deliberately places elements in the foreground or background, creating a spatial architecture that is tailored to the occupants in terms of design and ergonomics.  

The Audi MMI panoramic display and the MMI passenger display form a visually clear digital stage. The interior emphasizes a homely ambience. The ‘soft wrap’ extends from the doors across the entire cockpit to the centre console, creating a seamless and enveloping feeling of space. The same colours and high-quality materials, some of which are recycled, can also be found in the seats.

Thanks to the new PPE, which was developed specifically for e-mobility, the vehicle has a generous feeling of space and roominess as well as a high level of everyday practicality. 

The interior offers plenty of storage space and compartments. The increased comfort of the middle seat in the rear is typical of an electric car without a centre tunnel. The boot offers 526 litres (18.5 cu ft) of storage space. 

If the rear seat bench is folded down, the storage space increases to up to 1,529 litres (53.9 cu ft). The rear seats can be folded down separately (40:20:40). A further optional 64 litres (2.2 cu ft) of storage are available in the frunk under the front hood - a convenient place to stow smaller travel bags and charging cables, for example.

Digital Stage: new display and operating concept

The Audi Q6 e-tron model series has a fully connected and digital interior based on the new electronic architecture. Made up by the Audi MMI panoramic display and the MMI passenger display, the so-called 'Digital Stage' is a key feature of the interior. 

The slim, free-standing Audi MMI panoramic display has a curved design and OLED technology and consists of the 11.9-inch Audi virtual cockpit and the 14.5-inch MMI touch display. The driver's area is designed as a curve and the display with its concave shape is oriented towards the driver.

The ambient lighting makes the curved display seem to float at night. Audi complements the digital stage with the 10.9-inch MMI front passenger display with Active Privacy Mode, which prevents it from distracting the driver while on the move. This allows the front passenger in the Edition 1 and S Edition 1 to stream films/video content, assist with navigation, or even find a charging station. 

With Augmented Reality Head-Up Display, which is part of the Sound & Vision pack, Audi is taking a major step forward in display technology. It reflects a large tilted image plane across the windshield towards the driver and shows relevant information such as speed, traffic signs, assistance, and navigation symbols. 

The image plane is tilted forwards to enhance the augmented reality impression. The focus of the human eye moves with it. This process and the far virtual distance of the image create the impression that the elements shown are floating up to 200 meters (656 ft) away. Virtual content is thus seamlessly integrated into reality. The information can be understood quickly without irritating or distracting the person driving. The field of view of the augmented reality function corresponds to a diagonal distance of around 88 inches viewed from the driver's position.

Audi's self-learning voice assistant, the Audi Assistant, can be used to control numerous vehicle functions. The digital assistant with AI support is deeply integrated into the vehicle and, for the first time, is displayed using an avatar in the central touch display of the MMI and in the augmented reality head-up display. The new voice assistant understands more than 800 voice commands. It can also be activated via various touchpoints and via the myAudi app, for example.

The voice assistant provides support in three categories:

  • proactive suggestions (context information is used to proactively suggest functions for activation based on this data)
  • smart routines (automatically recognizes recurring operating sequences, such as using the seat climate control from certain outside temperatures)
  • intelligent lists (such as call lists)

The spoken commands are also shown on the display (see-what-you-speak principle). The assistant constantly learns from user behaviour and thus supports the driver.

Infotainment – integrates customers’ digital world

The new infotainment system uses Android Automotive OS as its operating system for the first time. Content is always up to date thanks to over-the-air updates. The latest Audi Connect services and the enhanced e-tron route planner are also always up to date. Apps such as YouTube are available via the store for third-party apps, which is integrated directly into the MMI and does not require a smartphone. 

The store gives customers access to a wide range of apps: Music, video, gaming, navigation, parking & charging, productivity, weather, and news services. The store is constantly being expanded and the app portfolio is market-specific. 

The heart of the Bang & Olufsen Premium sound system is a highly efficient amplifier. It drives 22 loudspeakers with 830 watts of power. Four of these are integrated into the headrests of the front seats, for the first time enabling sound zones in an Audi. The dynamic interaction light (IAL) offers a variety of communication functions and thus supports the car's interaction with the occupants. It spans the interior and cockpit as a broad arc. Both feature in the Sound & Vision Pack.

Precisely tuned driving dynamics

Most of the systems and components making up the chassis are newly developed. Typical for Audi are the superior and easily controllable acceleration and deceleration in all driving situations. There is a precisely defined set-up philosophy with regard to the chassis. The suspension control systems involved are precisely coordinated with each other. The driving dynamics of the Q6 e-tron are significantly influenced by the partially redesigned front axle.

For the first time in an Audi model, the control arms are positioned in front of the suspension arms. This results above all in package advantages for the positioning of the high-voltage battery. The newly developed components lead to improved kinematic properties. The steering rack is now fixed to a subframe. The refined axle kinematics provide noticeably increased driving dynamics. The new front axle also improves the steering behaviour. This makes the vehicle feel significantly more agile.

The rear-biased torque distribution as part of a highly variable all-wheel drive system also enhances the dynamic driving characteristics of the Q6 e-tron. The different dimensions of the electric motors on the rear and front axles enable rear-biased torque distribution even under full

For the first time in an Audi model, the rear tyres of the Q6 e-tron are wider than the front tyres to accommodate the rear-biased weight distribution - for even more grip and driving dynamics.

Always ready to assist - the driver assistance systems

Relating to the driver assistance systems of the new Q6 e-tron, Audi provides a wide range of functions that significantly improve everyday driving and road safety for all road users as standard from launch:

- Parking system plus with 360° display

- Swerve assist and turn assist

- Top-view camera

- Traffic-sign-based speed limiter

- Adaptive cruise control

- Autonomous emergency braking in front and rear

- Camera-based traffic sign recognition

- Park Assist Plus

- Intersection assist

- Lane departure warning

- Lane change assistant and exit warning system, rear cross traffic assist and rear turn assist

- Advanced driver attention and fatigue monitor

- Customers have the option of further assistance systems and a safety package as part of the Edition 1 and S Edition 1 trim levels.

The UK line-up

The three Q6 e-tron quattro derivatives that will open for order at launch will be:

  • Sport with an on-the-road (OTR) price of £68,975
  • S line with an OTR price of £71,975
  • Edition 1 with an OTR price of £76,975

There will also be an SQ6 e-tron quattro:

  • Edition 1 with an OTR price of £92,950


If you want to register your interest and be the first to order the Audi Q6 e-tron, click here or call us on 01202 983 791 and a member of our dedicated sales team will be more than happy to assist you.  

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